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Sorry Bill Gates but I would rather use

to do ALL of our Internet surfing :-)

I believe that no explanation is needed !

For more information about me that you never wanted to know or were too scared to ask, look no further than the links below.

My homepage directory for all my goodies

My personal info page
My mugshots from the Post Office wall
My shortwave radio page and how I got started.
My Drake radio page
My R390 page. One of the best radios ever made.
Shortwave listening on a budget.
Shortwave Radio .Part 2
Cheap and fairly easy antennas to start with
Shortwave loggings and audio recordings
My Front 242 page. What a hell of a band !
My computer page .
Spencers webpage.
ET call home ..... Mulder's looking for you .
Where I get my animated gifs
Animated GIF finder
Home of the Pixie's fan in me .
My alternative music world.
My Mustang page. As in 302cid V-8 kind of mustangs.
My Linux page . What Billy Bob Gates hates most .
The RX320 Experience





This email ends up somewhere in Maryland

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