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Hello everyone .This is the page that I have been putting off for sometime but now  finally have the resources to do something with it I will be continually updating this page as more pictures and links become available.But in the meantime just enjoy what is here and if you have any pictures you want to  put in here send them to me and I will see if I can make some room for them  
This is one of my friends and her Mustang GT.It seems like Patty is always hoping someone will want to ride  around with her in the traffic- courtmobile)She has now got an even faster Ford Mustang Cobra to get pulled over in  
This is what I generally  try to avoid getting pulled over in.The 1982 Mustang GT . The first GT model to be made  since 1970 it was the first of the third generation of GT's to come out and started the whole thing to where it is today!
Now try to find one of these in good shape . Very hard to do.
The car next to it is my next door neighbor's Dodge Daytona.She thought she had a fast car till one day when she drove mine. Now she usually looks at hers with disgust  at times. Patty  took one look at this car and said " I WANT the hood !!!
Some sites I have found to hotrod over to check out
These are some of the pages that I have found tons of info about the Mustang and it's evolution from 1964's introduction  of the American icon to the present day whoop it up and  get tossed in jail for speeding Cobras

 Mustangworld.com Where guys and girls alike hang out to  figure out how get that extra 10 HP outta their Cobra's!
 1982 Mustang GT  Where it all started  for the new generation. (  Look here for info on what all was in this great car.
 Mustangs Only Live in Southern California and want a place to start looking for parts  repairs and even cars for sale?Go here then .

 What a stock 1982 GT looks like coming up beside you

 Wanna go vroom vroom? Then click here

Keep revving that browser because there are more goodies to come flying down the information superhighway soon .

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