MY Wanted Posters

Hi ya there This is the page where you can see me ,the kitty and all of my toys here. Seeing how the pics seemed to take forever to load I got smart and stuck em in here with links to view them in a different frame. So enjoy em ,print em out and use em for target practice or just laugh your ass off at my royal goofiness whichever ya do enjoy em how ya can .

My mugshots

my first pic
Me and the kitty cat hanging out back.
second one of me and the kitty
Spencer wanting to get down and chase that squirrel he just saw out of the corner of his eye
the third pic of us
Now he on the ground coughing up squirrel fur .
The fourth pic of us
now he gettin sick of picture time and wanting to go find something to chase down.
me on the phone to my old ISP AOHEL
need i say more?
What he does when i throw my tennis shoes on the floor.
Spencer outdoors
a pic of a kitty who is determined to get out and on his walk
MY shortwave station
what my desk looks likes with a bunch of radios on it
A later version of my shortwave station
All the rigs lined up and in working order.
The updated not so new and maybe not even improved me
What I look like 25 plus years later.