Some personal info and otherwise useless information!


My name is Chris and I am currently living in the Maryland,Delaware,Pennsylvania area and basically learning about a whole new area which I hadn't ever lived in before.

Some of the things I like to do are listening to far off exotic overseas radio stations on my shortwave receivers,play around with the  computer more info on my computer page ), and generally try to find something to do with myself

I really get a kick out watching the X-Files on tv and can be talked into watching PBS's Mystery without much argument.Do you think I might have a slight X-files addiction going on since I have all but the first year's show on VHS tape? Also for those of us always wanting to learn about something new and sometimes even extremely interesting I recommend Nova and Frontline on PBS.Be surprised what is on that and it beats watching Heather Locklear act stupid in Melrose Place

I have been accused of being a big video junkie.I plead guilty to that charge. I think I spend most of my extremely meager disposable income on old movies .Anything that has to do with science fiction or thrillers I will snap up at Redbox. Some of my favorite movies are The Abyss,Dune,Reservoir Dogs, Bad Lieutenant,Pulp Fiction,Until the End of the World,Heat,Romeo Bleeding,Gorky Park,The Jackal,Mercury Rising,The Last Seduction,Event Horizon,Get Shorty and a ton of others I can't remember the name of offhand

I also love foreign movies such as the Polish movie series of White ,Blue and the finale Red.La Femme Nikita,anything by Pedro Almadovar,the Vanishing(original German version),as well a slew of others too numerous to name. Some of my favorite actors and actresses are John Travolta,Sam Neil,Christopher Walken,Anne Parillaud,Harvey Keitel,Emma Thompson,Forest Whitaker,Bruce Willis,Al Pacino,Robert DeNiro,Helen Mirren and Tim Roth among others. There's nothing like my stereo hooked up to a hi-fi vcr that brings a movie to life and the popcorn's cheap too.Throw in a video of Heat and I feel like I'm right in the middle of all the action. Whew wonder sometimes if my neighbors get scared poopless by some of the movies I throw in that thing . The day I see the local SWAT team surrounding my place while I'm watching a movie I'll know.

It may be somewhat surprising to some that I am actually literate as well but I have a ton of books here to keep my company too .I will read any by John LeCarre,Martin Cruz Smith,Dean Koontz,Robert B. Parker,Frederick Forsyth,Frank Herbert,Robert Harris, and anything to do with history or Europe and the central Asia areas from the local library.As a matter of fact they had to tape my card back together because it got so worn out. Back when I was a kid books were my favorite hidey hole.Crawl in one,disappear into a totally different frame of mind and see ya .I guess by now you're probably thinking I'm a total geek but I don't care. I have to say the NYC Public Library has to be the best library that I have ever been to.

I listen to what some people would call alternative music. I was listening to David Bowie when I was 12 so there! What is alternative you ask? HMMMMMM good question.My answer is anything that doesn't get played on the radio very often if at all. Some of the bands I will be caught listening to at maximum volume if I can get away with it would be The Clash,Curve(say what you want but Tony Holliday has a helluva voice),Belly,Iggy Pop(the original King of Punk),The B-52s,Front 242,KMFDM,Nine Inch Nails,The Pixies,Frank Black,The Tom Tom Club,Talking Heads, the Pretenders (gotta love Chrissie Hynde),Transglobal Underground (Natascha Atlas rocks),Sonic Youth,Social Distortion,L7 (they make Courtney Love sound like Marie Osmond ) ,Daniel Ash(remember Bauhaus?Same guy),the Jesus and Mary Chain,The Smiths,Depeche Mode,and Lush.

I also will be guilty of hooking up a small portable shortwave radio to my main stereo and get an roomfull of those fantastic Arabic singers from Radio Cairo ,Radio Tunis,or RTV Morocco.I can sit back and listen to that all day long Jeez I could go on with a bunch more bands but do you really want me too? Needless to say I got a lot of old cassettes and cd's laying around and a nifty not so little lease breaker that does about 120 watts RMS into 4 speakers from JVC and Fisher.

Actually right now at the moment since it is kinda late and my neighbors would probably want to sleep I am reduced to using headphones to listen to Front242's cd Up Evil.That song Fuel is bout to blow me away.

A lot of the bands I found out about I have heard on the shortwave radio from stations like BBC's John Peel Show, Radio France International,All India Radio, Gabon's Radio One, and a slew of other countries too many to list here.

Some of the things I DO NOT like though are the nasty rude punk teenagers driving by with 150 decibels of that rap music looking for trouble,ignorant uneducated people,racists (if you wear a white sheet and a stupid looking cone on your head I hope like hell it burns at your next rally),furballs hacked up on my bed,Taco Bell,Plymouth Horizons,Ford Pinto's,Ford Escorts built before 1992,being broke,being drunk,empty refrigerators,liars,telephone solicitors(stay online long enough they give up,porno spam in my mailbox,America Online aka AOHELL,Barry Switzer

Well I think for a starting point that about covers it. If you want to know more about me drop me an email or if you have the ICQ program or AOL's Instant Messenger I can be found that way.Well that is if I turn those on .Pull up my Aol screenname by typing in swlchris4 or my ICQ uin can be found by searching for the number 123248270 :) If you want to know what it is I do for fun ,wade through this thing they call a website, and check it out for yourself.Look below for links to all my webpages , a cool Calvin and Hobbes cartoon ,and a spot to activate that goofy mail tune on my elcheapo pc

Last but not least ENJOY your visit