This page is about the most awesome cat I ever had around. This is Spencer, a Turkish Van cat. They come from the Lake Van region around Anatolia Turkey. They are also known as swimming cats since they have no fear of water and will actually swim at times.They are easily identified by their coloring usually all white or cream with a reddish or black tail and small marking on back of the head.They are extremely intelligent and Spencer was able to walk around the block with a few commands without the need for a leash.
What I do when Chris walks through the door after being gone and leavin my ass at home all by myself

outta my way it's chipmunk hunting time !!

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This is what I tried to get Chris to go by
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Another one of my favorites boxes to hang out in

Welcome to my Box

Damn I know I just saw that squirrel over here where did he go?

This litter box has been filled times.