MY   other   fascination

Hi once again This page is devoted to my other area of interest. There are those who will call me weird, strange and anything else in between.All I can say is so what? I'd rather be weird than boring anyday of the week.My interest in this subject began a long time ago and for reasons I won't go into here. Let's just say it's an interest and leave it at that. On this page will be pictures ,links, and other things of interest in this field.Check out the links for some really interesting sites on all matters not of this planet.

My Planetary Connections

The Official X-Files Homepage
Need I say more? OH OK Can You Say Mulder And Scully ?
Mutual UFO Network
Seekers of truth in these matters
YEP Another UFO Webpage
UFO's, Roswell, Crop circles,
Another website about my topic