11950    2043       9/1/99    UAE radio Dubai UAE       s-4 R-4A\60 ft antenna      signoff of UAE radio? arabic male with anthem now quiet at 2145 gmt.

13705    1741       9/2/99    Radio Rossi          Russia    s-9=5db R-4A\21ftvert.      classical music by  female anncr in Russian.

13610    2153       9/2/99    Radio Damascus Syria       s-8-9 R-4A\60 ft ant.          music by male announcer at 2155 id at 2040 in english very muffled by splash on 13615.

13640    2225       9/2/99    VOT       Turkey   s-9+15db R-4A\21 ft vert. news of relief efforts  interviews  then id and now music at 2226.

11615    310         9/2/99    Czech Radio         Czech Republic    s-9+5 db R-4A\60 ft ant.    English news of central  europe  by male  anncr .

6265       413         9/2/99    Radio 1 ZNBC     Zambia  s-5 -6 R-4A\21 ft verti.       Native language with male anncr. hum in audio 

11730    1520       9/3/99    Radio Japan         Japan     s-4  R-4A\60 ft ant.             English service for Asia with national news then toward 1540 played some music.Male anncr most of the time .

11720    1939       9/3/99    Radio Bulgaria     Bulgaria s-8-9+5 R-4A\60ft ant.       Musical program  by male announcer.

15420    334         10/4/99  Voice of Russia    Russia    s-9 R-4A\60 ft ant               News at half hour followed by  musical program ID at 0337

15400    1020       10/5/99  BBC       Ascension Isl        s-7 R-4A\60 ft ant.              News by male anncr of Russian occupation  of areas--\\ freq of 15190

4753       1030       10/5/99  RRI Ujung  Pandang          Indonesia              s-4 R-4A\21 ft vert.             music till 1058 then IS and ID followed by male announcer with news? and now more music  at 1107

4890       953         10/7/99  Port Moresby NBC Radio  Papua New guinea              s-3-4 R-4A\21 ft ant.          Traveling man song then announcements by male anncr in English followed by more music.

9660       714         10/11/99               Radio Australia    Australia                s-8 R-4A\60 ft ant.              male interviewed very heavy atmospherics making hard to copy at times but subject of interview is Cook Islands.

9675       720         10/11/99               PNG Port Moresby?            Papua New Guinea             s-3 s-4 R-4A\60 ft ant.        Male anncr in half English half Pidgin with commentary and South Pacific island music.Gone at 0730

4885       823         10/11/99               Radio Club Paranese?        Brasil      s-7 R-4A \21ft vert.             Music by female singer in Portuguese with male anncr ID? at 0830 by male as Radio Parese?

4890       834         10/11/99               PNG Port Moresby              Papua New Guinea             s-4 R-4A\21 ft vert.             Music by Belinda Carlisle? "Time after Time" followed by another 80's song.Weak but audible now using USB mode.

4788.9   842         10/11/99               RRI Fak Fak        Indonesia              s-3 R-4A\21 ft vertical        Unid but Possible Radio Fak Fak .Frequency and time matches that of ILG Database. Asian sounding language by both male and female anncr with female talking now in a singsong type accent at 0844.Bolivian also close to this frequency but supposedly signing on at 1200.

4774.9   856         10/11/99               Radio Congonhas               Brasil      s-4 R-4A\60 ft ant.              Song by male with male anncr in Portuguese Taped id at 0900 as Radio Congonhas by female singers.

4749.7   911         10/11/99               UNID     UNID     s-3 R-4A\21 ft vert.             Female singing in  Spanish? rtty floater on top of station with male anncr.Is this Radio Huantas 2000?

4785       925         10/11/99               Radio Brasil 5000?             Brasil      s-6 R-4A\21 ft vert.             Male anncr in Portuguese with lots of taped announcements and mentions of Campinas in announcements.

15155    1215       10/11/99               RFI         France    s-8 R-4A\21 ft vert.             News of floods in Mexico and lack of response .Male anncer in English .Audio is in and out .Presumed African service of RFI English.

11585    1315       10/27/99               AIR        India      s-9 R-4A\21ft vert,.             Music by male singer short id in English heard at 1320 then more music.

6265       343         11/4/99  ZNBC1  Zambia  s-7 R-4A\60 ft ant.              Female speaking in local language and playing some  music.Low audio but audible in USB mode.

15345    1731       11/8/99  RTV Marocaine   Morocco                S-9+15 R-4A\21ftvert.       Arabic programming with  male anncr and some background music..

12020    2335       11/10/99               Voice of Vietnam?              Vietnam                s-9+10db R-4A\60ft ant.   English speaking female and male both with  Southeast Asian news  oc  Cambodia and then disappeared around 0000.Low audio but audible .

6055       41           11/10/99               REE        Spain      s-9+15db R-4A\60 ft ant.  English program  As others see us.

11955    2317       11/11/99               BBC       Singapore              s-9+5db R-4A\60 ft ant.     News of South African govt by male anncr .Fluttery signal buut audible in USB

9965       405         11/20/99               Voice of Armenia?              Armenia                s-8 R-4A\ 60 ft ant.             In Spanish with  a couple   mentions of Armenia followed by another language at 0415 and what sounded like local music from that area . ID at 0430 by female.Signoff afterwards

9950       1740       11/22/99               Radio Cairo          Egypt     s-5 R-4A \60 ft ant.             Program in Unid alnguage but with ID right before signoff at 1800  had  male anncr with  commentary and  some music  at times.

11990    1845       11/22/99               Radio Kuwait       Kuwait   s-9+5db R-4A\60 ft ant.     English language program with music and male anncr with id's by female .Playing the Smith's "How Soon Is Now" at 1857 Now THAT IS KEWL!!!!!!!

9965       2129       11/22/99               Voice of Armenia                Armenia                s-9+10db R-4A\60 ft ant.  English news of Caucasus situation by female announce id at 2130 by female..QSL info givenout by male before 2145 signoff.

9645       2230?     11/22/99               R.Bandeirantas    Brasil      s-9+10db R-4A \60 ft ant. Male announcer in Port.

9615       2245       11/22/99               Radio Cultura      Brasil      S-9+10db R-4A\60 ft ant.  Male anncr  playing music

9630       2300       11/22/99               Radio Aperecida  Brasil      s=9+5db R-4A\60 ft ant.    Male anncr  with ID at 2300 taped ID and anthem  from something  else coming as well.

9965       2138       11/23/99               Voice of Armenia                Armenia                s-9+15 db R-4A\60 ft ant  English language service with childrens educational rights story by male announcer and id's throughout the programming .Heard French and German service as well on this frequency today .

11915    2331       11/24/99               R.Gaucha              Brasil      s-9+10db R-4A\60ft ant.   Male announcer in Portuguese with  announcements and id by taped females at times and by him.

3380       202         11/24/99               R.Chortis?             Guatamala           s-4 R-4A\60 ft ant.              Male announcer n Spanish playing music ID at 0200 but very low audio now .

3255       332         11/24/99               BBC       Meyerton S.A.      s-5 R-4A\21 ft vertical        News by male in English ID at 0330.

4918       430         11/24/99               UNID     UNID     s-7 R-4A\21ft vertical         Spanish language station with lots of music and taped on RE5 for further checks on id .

4885       613         11/24/99               R.Club de Para?   Brasil      s-6 R-4A\21 ft vert              Portuguese speaking male  with commmentary but with very low audio.Partial id at 0615 heard.

4919       700         11/25/99               R.Quito  Ecuador s-7 R-4A\21 ft vertical        Male announcer with female ID tape  at 0700 now with comments by male.

4782.2   715         11/25/99               R.Caiari?               Brasil      s-2 R-4A\21ftvertical          Male in Portuguese  but very very low audio  hardly  audible Now hearing a female talking but still very low .

4829.2   815         11/25/99               ZNBC4?                Zimbabwe?           s-2 R-4A\60ftant.                African sounding language with  what sounded like local music at time with a male announcer Thought I heard Harare mentioned  a few times but hard to hear in the static at times.Seems to be floating in frequency downward now at  4828.9 and still drifting down.

11710    1740       11/25/99               Radio Pyongyang                N.Korea s-8 R-4A\60ftant.                National anthem after programming now in an Asian language at 1826.

17870    1830       11/25/99               Channel Africa    South Africa         s-5 DX380\60ft ant.            English language news by male anncr.

4985       106         11/25/99               R.Brasil Central   Brasil      s-4 R-4A\21 ft vertical        Male announcer playing music  Portuguese language?

4890       145         11/25/99               R.Chota?               Peru        s-4 R-4A\21ftvertical          Male announcer playing some music and speaking Spanish then what sounded like Radio Chota being  said loudly then it disappeared at 0204 GMT

9710       855         11/26/99               R.Australia            Australia                s-9+10db R-4A\60ft ant.   Male announcer with economic story of Asian crisis effects and the reforms.

9855       905         11/26/99               VOA       Phillipines              s-9+5db R-4A\60ft ant.      Russian language program several mentions of USA heard and American accented Russian by two male announcers

6674       110         11/26/99               R.SuperNueva Sensacion  Peru        s-3 DX380\21 ft vertical    Spanish language programming with  male announcing with music ID by MarkV-NLD on IRC #SWL

3360       149         11/26/99               Voz de Nahuala   Guatamala           s-9+5db R-4A\21 ft vertical              Spanish  talking male with lots of music and some taped  ad's by females.

9732.3   255         11/27/99               R.Nacional            Paraguay               s=9+10dbLSB R-4A\60ft ant           SPanish male talking then sign off after apparent anthem.

9835       336         11/27/99               R.Budapest           Hungary                s-9+15db R-4A\60 ft ant.  News of Hungarian governmental policies in English by male anncr ID at 0337

7175       810         11/28/99               R.Tikhiy Ocean    Russia    s-6 R-4A\60 ft ant.              Signon theme ID then into Russian programming with male announcer .

4829.8   1000       11/29/99               R.Tachira              Venezuala             S-9 R-4A\21 ft vertical       Signon theme  ID by male and into Spanish language programming by male announcer with fem,ales talking every so often.ID throughout as Radio Tachira by tape.

15215    624         12/1/09  Channel Africa    South Africa         s-8 R4$A\21 ft vertical       English language news of Robert Mugabe and different government policies.

4722.7   433         12/2/99  UNID     Unknown              s-2 R-4A\21 ft vertical        hearing very low music under the static level but not enough  signal to be clearly  heard. Possible R.Gia Lai?..R.Abaroa shown as being 2 khz down from this frequency.

5019.8   455         12/2/99  Ecos del Atrato    Colombia              s-4 R-4A\21 ft vertical        Spanish speaking female and male announcers... ID at 0455 with mention of Colombia by male followed by music Apparent signoff at 0500 by male with ID.Heavy static levels .

5025       937         12/4/99  R.Quillabamba    Peru        s-2 R-4A\21ft vertical         Spanish speaking male playing music..ID by tape.

5009.8   1157       12/4/99  CNR2     China     s-1 R-4A\21ftvertical          Chinese speaking male anncr id at 1200.

6025       1220       12/4/99  R.Tashkent           Uzbekistan            S-7 R-4A\60ftant.               Female anncr id at 1223 with English language  program lots of atmospherics

6185       1247       12/4/99  Huayi BC -Chengdu           China     s-9 R-4A \60ft ant.              Chinese female anncr in local language...ID by ILG and IRC SWL

11940    1305       12/4/99  R.Romania           Romania               s-9+5db R-4A\21ftvertical                English news by female and male anncrs now cultural news.

6265       434         12/4/99  ZNBC    Zambia  s-6 R-4A\21ftvertical          Music by male announcer in local language

6315       450         12/4/99  Voice of Tigray Rev.           Ethiopia s-4 R-4A\21ftvertical          Male talking and playing music heavy utility interference.\\to 5500khz.

6280       455         12/4/99  V.of Hope             Lebanon                s-3 R-4A\21ftvertical          Female in Arabic playing music.

6560       510         12/5/99  UNID     UNID     s-1 R-4A\21ftvertical          Very weak music being played signal was in and out intermittently .

15149.7 2007       12/5/99  VoI         Indonesia              s-5 R-4A\21ftvertical          Man talking and bits of music heard but muffled audio hard to make out what heis saying.

4845       8              12/5/09  R.Mauritanie        Mauritania            s-2 R-4a\21ftvertical          Male announcer and heard an Arabic male singer .Very low signal but now audible more than a few minutes ago.

4835       2315       12/5/99  R.Tezulutlan         Guatamala           s-4 R-4A\21ftvertical          playing lots of music no announcer heard for long time ID by PeteC on IRC #swl

4886.5   1053       12/6/99  R.Virgen del Carmen?        Peru?      s-1 R-4A\21ftvertical          Very low audio heard of Spanish speaking male playing some music.Signal is in and out.

12010    1635       12/12/99               RFI         France    s-3 R-4A\21 ftvertical         English language program and Club9516 with David Page very low audio sometimes fading alltogether.Presumed African service.

11960    1713       12/13/99               R.Mali?  Mali        S-2 R-4A 60 ft antenna      French language along with another possible Arabic.Low audio  Database had R Mali on at this time.

9500       1414       12/14/99               R.Australia            Australia                S-2 R-4A\60ftant.               Possible ADF radio program? Low audio but audible  with program in English.Playing a music piece now.

4799.6   225         12/15/99               R.Buenas Nuevas                Guatamala           s-8 R-4A\60 ft ant.              Spanish male talking ID at 0230 lots of announcements and ads being played.

4890       1247       1/4/00    NBC Port Moresby              Papua New Guinea             S-6 R-4A 21 ft vertical       Playing Rod Stewart with male announcer.In English

4753       1300       1/4/00    RRI  Ujung Pandang          Indonesia              s-4 R-4A 21 ft vertical        Interval signal  after music  News by male announcer  in locallanguage mention of Solomon Islands.

3325       1328       1/4/00    Radio Bougainville?           PNG        S-2 R-4A 21 ft vertical       What sounds like Pidgin  speaking male playing some music now  some commentary  but has  low audio and   interference .

12095    144         1/7/00    BBC       Asencion Island   s-9+10db DX160\60 ft ante.             English language program about India by female announcer.

11635    824         1/8/00    Chechen Radio from Russia?           Russia    s-2 R-4A 21 ft vertical        What sounded like  Russian language  program by  male then a female announcer  very low audio .

9780       2150       1/15/00  Radio Yemen       Yemen   s-7 R-4A 21 ft vertical        Lots of music and man talking in Arabic signoff at 2210.

4874.8   810         1/18/00  Radio Dif.Roraima?           Brasil      s-6 R-4A\21 ft vertucal      Male talking  after playing a folk song  sounds like PP mentions of Argentine by announcer presumed news.

9760       1339       1/21/00  VOA       Phillipines              s-9 R-4A 21 ft vert.             Story on Palestinian refugees by female anncr . In English

4985       629         1/22/00  R.Brasil Central   Brasil      s-6 DX160 \21ft vertical    PP male anncr with commentary.

9505       1323       1/22/00  Possible R.Omdurman?      Sudan    s-1 R-4A\21 ft vertical        Possible arabic typelanguage heard along with what sounds like African music .Real low audio  very very  deep fades.

9500       1407       1/22/00  R.Australia >ADF Radio Timor?      Australia                s-2 R-4A\21 ft vertical        English language news  id as R. Australia then a program from USA with Richard Lighter. 

9530       1420       1/22/00  R.Thailand            Thailand                s-2 R-4A\21 ft  vertical       English language news of southeast Asia  some  atmospheric noise making it warble. Male announcer talking now about India.ID by female anncr.

4924.6   1255       1/24/00  RRI Jambi?          Indonesia              s-1 R-4A 21 ft vertical        Very low signal of man singing then what sounded like  Interval song then man talking again . ALmost totally wiped out by static at times  but somewhat audible.

6105       1322       1/24/00  R.New Zealand    New Zealand        s-9+5db R-4A 21 ft vertical.              Playing classical music .

6140       1335       1/24/00  UNID     UNID     S-8 R-4A 21 ft vertical       Spanish speaking female no ID  possible . Possible R. Monte Carlo from Uraguay?

3325       1120       1/26/00  UNID     UNID     s-4 R-4A 21 ft vertical        Possible Guatamalan station R.Maya de Barillis? Spanish type dialect by male anncr .

3326.5   1140       1/26/00  Possible RRI Serang?          Indonesia              s-1 R-4A 21 ft vertical.       Very very low signal in and out but  at times  am hearing  what sounds like music very faintly .  Treating this as a tentative  loggging due to  low  reception .

3249.8   1150       1/26/00  Possible R.Truinto               Ecuador S-5 R-4A 21 ft vertical       Station playing what sounds like religous songs Spanish speaking male  .Possible R.Truinto? hearing what sounds like that by  male talking .

4800       1217       1/28/00  R.Buenas Nuevas                Guatamala           s-8 R-4A 21 ft antenna      Spanish speaking male talking id as r. buenas nuevas at 1215 with lots of comments.

9735       2243       1/30/00  R.Nacional Paraguay         Paraguay               s-9+10 DX160\60 ft dipole                Spanish speaking male in local dialect. Music played but nasty het in signal.Sounds like a soap opera playing now at 2245.

9655       309         2/4/00    R.Finland              Finland  s-9 R-4A 60 ft antenna      program on Finland electoral college and presidential election. Male anncrs in English.

9735       315         2/4/00    Wales Radio Intl. England?               s-9 R-4A 60 ft antenna      Program Id'ing as Wales Radio Intl with female anncr with contest to win trip to Wales and playing music.

9965       340         2/4/00    R.Armenia            Armenia                s-1 R-4A 21 ft vertical        Male in Armenian  playing music after comments at 0345 switched to the Spanish language program and continued programming with  male anncr. Very low signal but audible using USB mode.

11955    2118       2/5/00    R.Nacional Angola              Angola   s-7 R-4A 60 ft antenna      Male talking on phone in program in Portuguese to caller.very clear signal but with some  splatter from station in SC?ID as Radio Nacional at 2120.

4990       613         3/7/00    R.Nigeria               Nigeria   333-R-390\21ft vertical     Music being played by a male announcer . Very low audio but audible .

5995       633         3/7/00    R.Mali    Mali        222 R-390 \21 ft vertical   hearing Mali under the VOA that is  very strong. Arabic singing now a female announcer talking. VOA  quite strong but can hear Mali underneath  well when VOA audio  drops  a bit.

11635    710         3/8/00    R.Chechnya Svoboda?      Russia    353 R-390\60 ft v antenna               Russain sounding program with female announcer playing  what sounded like patriotic songs or folk songs in Russian. Mention of Svoboda by  anncr.

7245       735         3/8/00    R.Algiers?              Algiers    444 R-390\60 ft v antenna               Female talking in unknown language . sounds almost Arabic  playing music was talking on phone to another female so  relay of local  station. Playing some American disco now but very weak  audio level.

12025    1417       3/8/00    America via Armenia?       Armenia                333 R-390\ 21 ft vertical   Hearing male anncr in unknown language talking and also  some music in background faint signal. Show VOR and V. of Armenia on this frequency at this time.

12095    1439       3/8/00    R.Netherlands      Madagascar         455 R-390\21ft vertical     English language news of Kuwait  women filing suit  for voting rights. Male anncr.

15150    1733       3/8/00    V.of Indonesia     Indonesia              333 R-390\60 ft v antenna               Spanish language  program with male announcer playing some INdo music now talking. Low signal but audible.

6135       105         3/9/00    VOIRI    Iran        434 R-390\60 ft antenna   English news of elections  by female announcer with heavy  interference by 6130 VOA

17675    438         3/9/00    Radio New Zealand INTl   New Zealand        555 R-390\21 ft vertical    Sports news in English .Very  clear and  loud signal.

15215    445         3/9/00    Channel Africa    South Africa         455 R-390\21 ft vertical    Local language programming.

11787    400         3/9/00    Radio Iraq Intl     Iraq        333 R-390\21 ft vertical    French language program then apparently went off the air shortly afterwards but left carrier open for  long time.Plenty of ID's throughout the broadcast I heard. Muddy audio but was audible.Better heard on Feb.26th on this same frequency.

15345    1910       3/10/00  RTV Marocaine   Morocco                444 R-390\21 ft vertical    Arabic language singing  fair signal. Some fading at times.

15140    1628       3/14/00  R.Oman Oman     333 R-390\60 ft antenna   Arabic singing with female announcer in Arabic also hearing a station also on air sounding like AIR and HCJB barely audible for a change.

15350    1651       3/14/00  V.of Turkey          Turkey   333 R-390\21 ft vertical    Faint but audible singing  being heard.

15365    1750       3/14/00  R.Romania Intl    Romania               444 R-390\21 ft vertical    Listener's program in English with radio station news and catches.

15705    1848       3/14/00  Radio Danmark   Via Norway          344 R-390\60ft antenna    Danmark Radio programming from Norwegian transmitter site in Danish language. Fair signal but still audible

15145    1603       3/15/00  Deutsche Welle    Via Rwanda?       222 R-390\60 ft antenna   English news by  male announcer of Israel and other stories. Low audio with fading.

15245    1619       3/15/00  RTV Congolaise?                Congo?  222 R-390\60 ft antenna   Woman and man talking in  a form of French  with mentions of Congo heard very weak but stil audible.IF Congo  first time heard  for me.

15185    1605       3/15/00  R.East Africa?      Eq.Guinuea?         333 R-390\60 ft antenna   Music being played and female occasionally talked in UNid  language. SRI  suppposed to sign off at this time around 1615 this kept going.

13750    1930       3/15/00  All India Radio    India      444 R-390\21 ft vertical    Female  announcer speaking English with muddy audio but ID heard at 1930 as overseas service of AIR.News now.

13755    1935       3/15/00  UNID     UNID     444 R-390\21 ft vertical    Female speaking in  Arabic? Mentions of Iraq throughout the  time I was hearing her. Somewhat strong signal,nothing listed for this frequency at this time.

15180    238         3/15/00  Radio PyongYang               North Korea         222 R-390\60 ft antenna   French language program with male announcer  metnions of  Korea heard . Very faint  but audible

15355    311         3/15/00  R.Oman Oman     222 R-390\21ft vertical     English speaking male talking of religous issues. Low signal but audible using  MGC setting instead of AGC .

13640    1832       3/16/00  RTE Eire                Ireland via Canada site      555 R-390\21 ft vertical    Irish news and in English language. Relayed from Canada transmitter site.

7100       345         3/16/00  Voice of Broad Masses?    Eritrea    111 R 390\ 21 ft vertical    Female talking in  local language  possible id  heard with Asmara mentioned.Lots of digital  and cw interference.Playing music and intermittent interference. Best heard on 21 ft vertical .

7185       514         3/17/00  Radio  Sonder Grense         South Africa         555 R390\21 ft vertical      Male announcer in Afrikaans interviewing male. had small English language  program or segment before .

7238lsb  600         3/17/00  Ham Net               USA        various  R390\21 ft vertical              Hams from USA on net from Pennsylvania to New Mexico heard.

11445    638         3/17/00  UNID     Unid       111 R390\21 ft vertical      Hearing very very weak male speaking in what sounds like a french based language . In and out signal  right above the noise at times then falling  out. Very hard to hear at all. Tuned into het by accident and stuck around to see what it was.ILG has R.K listed as using 11455 but this 10 khz below.

11750    724         3/17/00  R.Algiers?              Algeria   222 R390\21ftvertical        Hearing male speaking French and playing some  Arabic songs.Very weak signal but audible using ssb mode to cut QRM from 11755khz.

8702usb                750         3/17/00  MIl ops Twentynine Palms Marine base        USA        222 R390\21 ft vertical      Ft Campbell? calling Twentynine Palms for radio check.Twentynine Palms discplining radio op from Campbell for excessive calls.

8725       800         3/17/00  Unid       Unid       333 R390\21 ft vertical      Signon of unid station had male talking in  unknown language.Playing one theme song over and over  between commentary by announcers.

15525    705         3/25/00  VOR       Russia    333 R390\21 ft vertical      English news of elections by female announcer .

4780       130         4/3/00    Radio Coatan      Guatamala           333 R390\21 ft vertical      Spanish male talking ID at 0130 full id mentions of radio Coatan and guatamala . Nasty hum in audio.

4885       127         4/4/00    Radio  Club de Para            Brasil      555 R390\21 ft vertical      Male announcer in Portuguese talking. Very loud and clear signal. Several mentions of Club Para.

4875       145         4/4/00    Voz del Norte?     Colombia?            233 R390\21ft vertical       Spanish  singing..with male announcer.several mentions of Colombia heard.

4870       231         4/4/00    Radio Tropico?    Venezuela             444 R390 \21 ft vertical     Spanish speaking male then  what sounded like a signoff followed by anthem.Thought I heard  male saying Radio Tropico several times during last few minutes of transmission.

7225       2305       4/7/00    Radio Tunis?        Tunisia? 444 R390\21 ft vertical      Arabic speaking  female and lots of Arabic type music before  2300. No Id heard or was  undescernible at the time I was hearing it.Suddenly disappeared about 2310 or a minute before

15485    210         4/9/00    Radio Pakistan    Pakistan                444 R390\60ft dipole         Male talking in local language then ID's by him and female  and then signed off.

4850       2305       4/12/00  Radio Cameroon Cameroon             444 R390\60 ft dipole        Male talking in French and some muswic being played .Very good signal .

4915       2310       4/12/00  Ghana BC             Ghana    555 R390\60 ft dipole        Playing music . Extremely strong signal tonight.

6280       245         4/27/00  Voice of Hope      Lebanon                333 R390\21 ft vertical      Playing some Arabic music and a religous program.

6479       250         4/27/00  Radio Altura         Peru        444 R390\21 ft vertical      Spanish  language male announcer with local program and music.

6956.5   310         4/27/00  Radio Paraton?    Peru?      333 R390\21 ft vertical      Spanish speaking male .Thought I heard a partial ID but not totally sure . Anncr was talking and very little music at time.

11735.5 105         5/17/00  Radio  Transmundial?        Brasil?    222 R390\21ft vertical       Sounds like a Portuguese  language   spoken by a male and female. Real weak barely audible at times. Lots of band noise covering the audio up.

11835    115         5/17/00  VOIRI?  Iran        222 R390\21ft vertical       Male and female talking in what sounds like a Asian language. This is not Spanish from Uraguay.Mentions of Asian countries heard too. Very low signal here  barely moving carrier meter at highest reading.

15200    1920       5/18/00  AIR        India      333 R390\2 ft vertical.       Music by female announcer then signoff. Think this is their African service per ILG database but full ID at signoff.

15210    2005       5/18/00  Radio Cairo          Egypt     444 R390\21 ft vertical      Arabic? announcer but real muffled audio. This is a fair to good copy depending on the audio they are sending.

11930    22           5/23/00  Radio Jordan        Jordan    S-9+60 R-4A\21 ft vertical                Arabic singing.Very loud signal

13760    1925       6/27/00  Radio Pyongyang                North Korea         333 R390\21ft vertical       English speaking male announcer with news of Rangoon and other southeast asian countries.Very low audio and lot of fading. Actually hear better on 13759 khz so maybe transmitter off?

15210    2025       6/27/00  Radio Cairo          Egypt     444 R390\21 ft vertical      Male announcer in Arabic?  speaking and playing music.Weak but audible.

15485    2030       6/28/00  VOR       Russia    222 R390\21 ft vertical      Male announcer in English talking. Very low audio very weak signal presumed service to Europe or elsewhere other than North America.

9650       2235       7/1/00    Radio Free Europe              Morocco?              333 R390\21 ft vertical      Playing music and male and female talking in UNID language. ID  at 2255

9965       2340       7/1/00    VOR       via Armenia?        333 R390\21 ft vertical      Male announcer talking in what sounds like portuguese. Low signal but audible.

9735       2327       7/10/00  Radio Nacional Paraguay Paraguay               444 R390\60 ft antenna    Male talking in Spanish. Lots of echo in audio and some splatter.ID by singers at 2331.Sounding like lot of local announcements afterwards.

11585    105         7/10/00  Voice of Israel      Israel      333 R390\60 ft antenna    Male announcer talking in presumed Hebrew and now song by female singer. Weaker signal than usual but still audible.

11620    125         7/10/00  AIR        India      333 R390\60 ft antenna    Female singer singing Hindi songs Weak but audible . Hearing female announcer now.

11930    2330?     8/17/00  Radio Jordan?      Jordan    S-7 R-4A\21ft antenna      Arabic songs by male announcer tape was warbly and distorted on songs sometimes .Was hearing what may be the news as Sudan was mentioned.

11905    25           8/17/00  Radio Thailand?  Thailand?              S-4 R-4A\21 ft vertical       hearing  low modulated voice sounding Asian with some music .SLBC not supposed to be on  untill 0030 GMT.

9737variable        45           8/17/00  Radio Nacional    Paraguay               s-6 R-4A\21 ft antenna      Spanish speaking male  with some announcements and mentions of Paraguay.

7110       442         8/23/00  Radio Tunis          Tunisia   444 R390\21ft vertical       Arabic programming with female and male announcer .

6673.5   212         8/25/00  UNID     UNID     222 R390\21 ft vertical      Hearing very faint music and male announcer but unable to ID language. Peru's Radio Nova Sensacion is around this frequency but not known if this was them.

6265       303         8/25/00  Radio Zambia One             Zambia  222 R390\21 ft vertical      Male singing in African language. Very low signal with male anouncer being heard sometimes.

7125       0730?     8/26/00  Radio Conakry?  Guinea? 222 to 333 R390\21 ft vertical         Heard African music with a French speaking male announcer. Audio was low at first and came up and the time went by.

15345    2206       8/27/00  RAE       Argentine               333 to 444 R390\21 ft vertical         Male talking in Spanish with a lot of ads and loud prerecorded announcements.

15435    2215       8/27/00  UNID     UNID     222 R390\21 ft vertical      UNID Arabic station playing music with lots of interference from 15440 WYFR. Libya and Jordan use this frequency.

15820LSB            2220       8/27/00  Radio Rividavia\Continente?           Argentine?             222 to 333 R390\21 ft vertical         Female speaking in Spanish and song playing in background with male singer in Spanish.Not sure if this the Radio R|C listed in ILG.

7210       531         8/30/00  Radio Dif du Benin             Benin     444 R390\21 ft vertical      Male speaking in French and some music heard. Very good signal here tonight .

7255       643         8/30/00  Radio Botswana  Botswana              333 R390\21 ft vertical      Female speaking in English  news of area and business ventures in country and region.

13610    1919       8/31/00  Radio Damascus Syria       222 R390\21 ft vertical      Male announcer being heard intermittently under splatter from WEWN.

11787    1430       9/3/00    Clandestine Radio.Mother of all Battles Radio?          Iraq        222 R390\21 ft vertical      Arabic sounding music and male announcer being heard but very weak and lots of interference.

4925       301         9/9/00    Radio San Miguel?              Bolivia? 333 R390\21ft vertical       Spanish speaking station with male announcer. Not sure of ID but database has this Bolivian going off air at 0300 but this is afterwards.

6673       147         9/12/00  Radio Supernova                Peru        111 R390\21 ft vertical      Spanish  speaking male talking and now hearing some faint music by male vocalist.Frequency  of 6673 off from where I heard them last .

17895    203         10/9/00  Radio Pakistan?  Pakistan                111 R390\21 ft vertical      Female speaking in unknown language. Very weak signal  and was finally wiped out by electrical noise. Heard some music intermittently .Signal was gone in about 20 minutes

15575    253         10/13/00               Radio Korea Intl Korea     333 R390\21 ft vertical      In Spanish with female announcer now playing some music with an Asian sound.

15140    1621       12/7/00  AIR        India      344 R390\21 ft vertical      Signon at 1615 into a ID  by female announcer and now with Russian? program.Somewhat noisy recption .

15195    1631       12/7/00  VOA       Sri Lanka site       222 R390\21 ft vertical      Male talking in  Indian language  very low audio here.

9720       2045       12/8/00  Radio Tunis          Tunisia   444 R390\100 ft longwire  In Arabic with male announcer and Arabic religous  chants.Koran?

7220       636         12/9/00  Radio Rossi          Russia    333 R390\100 ft longwire  Female speaking in Russian  mentions of Cossacks and playing some music.

7245       615         12/9/00  Radio Algiers?      Algeria? 222 R390\100 ft longwire  Arabic music with both male and female announcers in Arabic? Faded out by 0630

7125       630         12/9/00  Radio Conakry?  Guinea   444 R390\100 ft  longwire Male talking in French playing African  pop music and then ID at  0700 in French.

4890       1251       12/9/00  PNG Port Moresby              Papua New Guinea             222 R390\100 ft longwire  Male announcer playing the island music. Fair to   poor signal due to electrical interference

9715       1332       12/9/00  Radio Tashkent   Uzbekistan            333 R390 \100ft longwire  Man with news in English song was played then ID as Radio Tashkent by male followed by more news.

9710       1355       12/9/00  RCI        China     333 R390\100 ft longwire  Chinese speaking male and female announcer with news? Was splattering Radio Tashkent. Some atmospherics in signal then total wipeout by Radio Mexico on 9705.

9700       1358       12/9/00  AIR?      India?    444 R390\100 ft longwire  Indian sounding music being played.Very nice signal.

9665       1405       12/9/00  VOIRI    Iran        222 R390\100 ft longwire  Female announcer in unknown language maybe Urdu according to database. Very weak . Signal being aimed at  Southwest Asia instead of Europe\NA?

9660       1425       12/9/00  Radio Veritas       Philipinnes             555 R390\100 ft longwire  Female announcer at signon with English ID then IS into  Russian language programming

9550       1439       12/9/00  Sistema Mundial?               Brasil      333 R390\100 ft longwire  Male talking in what sounds like Portuguese very excited announcer now female talking with male .

3289       144         12/10/00               Radio Centro?      Ecuador 222 R390\100 ft longwire  Music in Spanish language being played with  male announcer speakig Spanish. This isn't Guyana so far as I can tell being off freqeuncy because I heard  a het  on this  station and it tuned to 3289 in SSB.No id was  heard during the time I was tuned  .

3249       155         12/10/00               Radio Luz Y Vida               Honduras              333 R390\100 ft long wire Spanish language songs by male announcer who ID"D at 0155.

9890       1850       12/11/00               VOR?     Russia    222 R390\100 ft longwire  Faint signal  hearing female talk in what sounds like German but hard to tell. Now hearing what sounds like a Russian song being played.Extremely weak signal.

9925       1855       12/11/00               Radio Vlaanderen               Belgium 333 R390\100 ft longwire  Female with ID at 1855 after pop song was played . What sounds like their IS  being played with ID's every minute afterwards.

9965       1902       12/11/00               Radio Armenia    Armenia                111 R390\100 ft longwire  What sounded like a female talking then now a male is talking .Very weak signal ,barely heard at all ,with some digital  interference being heard so often. HFCC has this being trasmitted in Armenian but audio levels are so low and there is a hum in their audio that makes it hard to hear .Playing  music now .

1510       755         12/13/00               WLAC   Nashville TN         555 R390\100 ft longwire  News after a truck show ID as WLAC Nashville at 0755

1530       837         12/13/00               WSAI     Cincinatti OH       555 R390\100 ft longwire  Religous program Id at 0826

1540       856         12/13/00               KXPA?  Bellevue WA        222 R390\100 ft longwire  Possible KXPA heard along with a local  WAKY Greensburg KY. Very warbly audio.

7200       505         12/16/00               R.Omdurman       Sudan    334 R390\100 ft longwire  Heaard Sudanese male talking and playing some local music .Co-channel Radio Rossi? on as well with Russian language program..Lots of mentions of Khartoum and Sudan heard so presumed Radio Omdurman.

7210       737         12/16/00               R.Dif du Benin?   Benin     222 R390\100 ft  longwire French speaking male talking,real low audio at this time.

7245       746         12/16/00               R.Algiers                Algeria   333 R390\100 ft longwire  Male and then female  talking after song by male singer.Almost Arabic  language  guessing a local dialect.

17680    1557       12/18/00               Radio Jordan        Jordan    555 R390\100 ft longwire  News in EE by female announcer after ID. News of another Palestinian police officer killed by Israeli's.Very nice signal this early for the 17 mhz band.

5500       323         12/18/00               VOice of Tigray Revolution              Ethiopia 444 R390\100 ft longwire  Signon and partial ID heard  male and female talking with some music and now what sounds like political talk by male.

4890       1316       12/19/00               PNG Port MOresby              Papua New Guinea             444 R390\100 ft longwire  Played song now talking by male announcer in Engllish.

15180    100         12/20/00               R.Pyongyang        N.Korea 444 R390\100  ft longwire Signon in Spanish with ID and into programming in Spanish.

4960       1100       12/22/00               R.Vanuatu            Vanuatu                222 R390\100 ft longwire  Heard female talking in unclear language then signoff at 1115.Was heard  also playing some songs but reception was poor at best with lots of fadeouts and electrical interference made it hard to hear.

4980       1122       12/22/00               R.Pacifico             Peru        444 R390\100 ft  longwire Spanish speaking male announcer with lot's of ad's and id's as Pacifico.Now playing a short advertisement? song by female singer.

4725       1221       12/22/00               R.Myanmar          Burma\Myanmar                222 R390\100 ft longwire  Hearing music being played  .very very weak but audible through the electrical interference.Male talking now sounding Asian along with music.Rtty interference was real bad at one time.

6210       347         12/22/00               R.Fana   Ethiopia 333 R390\21 ft vertical      Hearing female and male talking  with  music being played a lot.

6265       335         12/22/00               R.Zambia !           Zambia  444 R390\21 ft vertical      Male speaking and playing  local music.

7125       2217       12/23/00               Radio Conakry    Guinea   222 R390\100 longwire      Male speaking in French under CW interference.Can be heard in between the tones.Low signal but audible.

7160       2225       12/23/00               RTV Marocaine   Morocco                444 R390\100 ft longwire  Male speaking in Arabic after a  song was played now another song being played.

7190       2230       12/23/00               R.Parakou?           Benin?   222 R390\100 ft longwire  Hearing some musci and what sounds like French speaker under a moron calling cq for what seems like minutes.

7180       507         12/24/00               VOR       Russia    444 R390\100 ft longwire  News in English by male announcer and female announcer also present for  programs spots.Bad HAM QRN.

7300       150         12/24/00               Voice Of Turkey  Turkey   555 R390\100 ft longwire  Playing music and Turkish announcer every so often with a song break talking in  Turkish?NIce mix of music and very clear on this frequency.

7270       310         12/24/00               Radio Albania      Albania  555 R390\100 longwire      Female announcer in  what sounds like Eastern European language.

7260       315         12/24/00               Voice Of Russia   Russia    444 R390\100 ft longwire  Russian speaking male with  mentions of Russia and guessing he is reading the news.

7215       330         12/24/00               TWR      South Africa         555 R390\100 ft longwire  IS and ID by male speaking English.Singing on at 0330

11805V 715         12/25/00               Georgia Radio      Georgia  222 R3990\21 ft vertical   Hearing in German language Georgia Radio. Very weak but audible.with female speaking now playing a somewhat Russian sounding song guessing a native Georgian  song as I never have heard their languageHad to retune a couple of times in SSB mode to get them in  so might be floating around the frequency .Confirmed as Georgian Radio by another listener ,Mark Fine in VA.

7160       542         12/26/00               BBC       Ascension Island 444 R390\100 ft longwire  Hearing Engllish language program with an interview of a musician. Song from Cameroon.

7180       545         12/26/00               VOR       Moldavia?            555 R390\100 ft longwire  Hearing a music program earlier this evening had Moscow Mailbag on. Parallel freq of 7125 is a bit weaker.IN English on both freq's.

7190       550         12/26/00               Radio Liberty?     Greece?  333 R390\100 ft longwire  Hearing male  in unid language. Can't make out the accent . Weak under a lot of atmospheric noise.Now after 0600 it got a lot stronger in signal strength .

7255       632         12/26/00               Voice of Nigeria   Nigeria   444 R390\100 ft longwire  News by English speaking African male .News of solar eclipse in NA and Israel.ID  at 0638

7275       641         12/26/00               Radio Tunis          Tunisia   444 R390\100 ft longwire  Arabic music being played by male announcer.

7265       719         12/26/00               SudwestFunk        Germany               333 R390\100 ft longwire  laying lots of 1980's European hits.Male announcer in speaking in German.

12015    2138       12/27/00               Radio Finland      Finland  222 R390\60 ft dipole        Male and female talking in Finnish? Very low signal here. HFCC has this as Asian\Australian beam.

12050    2149       12/27/00               Radio Cairo          Egypt     333 R390\60 ft dipole        Arabic singing.Not too strong but audible.Some fading noted.

12080    2156       12/27/00               Radio Damascus Syria       222 R390\60 ft dipole        Very weak signal heard Arabic singing .Now has almost completely faded out.

9395       2202       12/27/00               Kol Israel              Israel      333 R390\60 ft dipole        Male talking in Hebrew with what sounds like news. Fair signal.

9415       2205       12/27/00               Radio Norway      Norway  333 R390\60 ft dipole        Male and female talking in what sounds like NOrwegian. Fair to good signal. Some fading .HFCC has this being beamed to South America.

4930       243         12/30/00               Radio Amazonas?              Venezuela             222 R390\21 ft vertical      Hearing male announcer in Spanish nowplaying a Spanish language song. Was  real strong for a moment  now back to fair signal/

4830       305         12/30/00               Radio Tachira?    Venezuela?           222 R390\140 ft  longwire Hearing a male speaking in Spanish now. Low signal and so far no ID heard.Singing ID at 0323 by female singer.

4885       326         12/30/00               Radio Clube de Para           Brasil      222 R390\21 ft  vertical     Hearing male speaking in Portuguese.Had some music playing  then long advertisement followed by id in statement.

4905       341         12/30/00               UNID     UNID     111 R390\21 ft vertical      Heard bits and pieces of a Spanish speaking male talking. SIgnal very very weak and lots of fadeout. Possible Peruvian? Radio  Oroya?.Heard very weak song.Dissappeared by 0400.

4915       422         12/30/00               Radio Anhanguera              Brasil      222 R390\21 ft vertical      Male speaking in Portuguese and hearing references to Anhanguera.

4930       428         12/30/00               Radio Costena?   Honduras              222 R390\21 ft vertical      Male speaking in Spanish and several mentions of Costena. I am guessing this is them by the references.

4960       455         12/30/00               Radio Villa            Dominican Republic           333 R390\21 ft vertical      Male speaking in Spanish and now playing a song after ID.

3270       505         1/1/01    NBC WIndhoek   Namibia                333 R390\140 ft  longwire Male speaking in English.Low audio modulation.

9965       2020       1/1/01    Voice of Armenia                Armenia                s-7 R-4A\140 ft longwire    Program in Armenian then at 2020 or so switched to French language. Good signal this time of day .

7105       2048       1/1/01    Radio Minsk?       Belarus?                s-6 R4A\140ft longwire      Hearing male and female talking in Eastern European language I can't ID.

11785    1755       1/3/01    Voice of Indonesia?            Indonesia?            222 R390\60 ft dipole        Hearing what sounds like Indonesian music being played and  a female announcer speaking . Can't make  out the language as signal is real low.Audio level is coming up a little bit after 1815 gmt.Male now talking at 1820 sounds like German language  but not sure. Audio is warbly.

11770    447         1/3/01    Radio Mexico Intl               Mexico  333  R390\60 ft dipole       SPanish language program with  a male announcer playing Mexican music and ID at 0448 gmt.

9489 variable       520         1/4/01    Unid       Unid       222 R390\140 ft longwire  Hearing a male talk  in what sounds like Eastern European language followed by music.On vertical antenna signal is almost lost.

1300       1732       1/6/01    WLXG Lexington KY         USA        333 R390\140  longwire     Hearing the Minnesota Vikings\New Orleans Saints game. ID's throughout the ad breaks with ad's for local businesses.

9665       2038       1/6/01    Voice of Armenia                Armenia                s-1 R4A\140 longwire         Hearing woman speaking in German and at  2038 went into ID  in English with program information.

4885       611         1/8/01    Rado Clube Paro?               Brasil?    333 R390\140 ft longwire  Hearing Portuguese male speaking and playing a lot of music.Mostly sounding like Brasilian music as it isn't in Spanish.Educated guess says Clube De Paro ,but have not heard ID in awhile ,or I missed it .

4783       645         1/10/01  Radio Malienne   Mali        444 R4A\140 ft longwire   Heard their programming in French and some Arabic.Loud signal  then  f`aded out after an half hour or so.

1000       0              1/12/01  WMVP Chicago   Illinois    555 R390\140 ft longwire  Hearing their sports program,ads for local businesses,and station id with motto ESPN 1 radio? Dan Patrick Show.

1010       29           1/12/01  CFRB Toronto     Canada 333 R390\140 ft longwire  Heard station id during  the Randy Taylor call in show . First Canadian station heard on MW band :) Hearing another station underneath them at times. Unknown as I can't make out anything said.

1020       39           1/12/01  KDKA  Pittsburgh               Pennsylvania        444 R390\140 ft longwire  Hearing a sports program and numerous ad's for local area businesses.

1650       320         1/12/01  KCNZ and WHKT              KCNZ-Cedar Falls Iowa\WHKT Portsmouth Va.        333 R390\140 ft longwire                Hearing what sounds like a Omaha hockey game  play by play.Mentioning power plays. Also have WHKT cochannel but only coming in intermittently with a religous program. NO positive clear id's, but looked up and found the format for these two stations on expanded band plan I found on Internet.

1660       348         1/12/01  WQSN Kalamazoo             Michigan               222 R390\140 ft longwire  Hearing  local program then id at 45 minutes past the hour. ALso heard a cochannel station but UNID  right now.Played some oldies music.

15180    38           1/18/01  Radio Pyongyang                North Korea         333 R390\140 ft longwire  Hearing muffled  English language program  with female announcer and usual propaganda.

15280    45           1/18/01  BBC       Thailand                333 R390\140 ft longwire  Hearing the news of the DR of Congo and other news headlines by English speaking male announcer.

12020    2326       1/24/00  Voice of Vietnam                Vietnam                444 R390\140 ft longwire  Heard in a Asian language. Guessing Thai as the database has this language listed .

4750       1110       2/10/01  Radio San Fransisco Solano?           Peru        222 R390\140 ft  longwire Hearing Spanish speaking male playing what sounds like Andes music. Possible id heard at  1110. Very weak but audible using SSB mode.

11570    115         2/11/01  Radio Free Asia   Unknown              222 R390\60 ft dipole        RFA  program in  Asian language. weak but audible.

11620    130         2/11/01  AIR Bangalore     India      444 R390\60 ft dipole        Hearing Indian female announcer playing several Indian songs .Presumed Urdu program at this time.  Strong 20 on carrier meter. A little fading.

11905    140         2/11/01  SLBC?   Sri Lanka ?           444 R390\60 ft dipole        Hearing what sounds like Sri Lanka  playing  Asian music.Radio Thailand also on this frequency ,but this sounds more like Sri lankan music.

7280       900         2/11/01  Voice of the Strait?             China     222 R390\60 ft dipole        Hearing very weak Chinese station on here with male announcer.

7285       1000       2/11/01  Radio Mali            Mali        222 R390\60ft dipole         Hearing a French speaking male  with African accent talking. Low but audible then coming up in signal strength.

11655    2018       2/12/01  RN          Netherlands          555 R390\140ft  longwire  English language program with Qatar  underneath them.

11655    2018       2/12/01  Radio Qatar          Qatar      222 R390\140ft  longwire  Hearing Arabic language program and male singing in Arabic with a female announcer at times underneath  RN.

11402usb              2321       2/12/01  Iceland Radio      Iceland  222 R390\60 ft dipole        Hearing Iceland  Radio with male speaking in local language. Fair signal weak but audible.

11175usb              2340       2/12/01  Andrews AFB       USA        555 R390\60 ft dipole        Heard EAM  and was in echo form . Maybe more than one relay being heard?

11610    2350       2/12/01  CRI        China     222 R390\60 ft dipole        Hearing female announceer in Chinese?  talking with male. Very weak signal . Info says this is beamed south to Korea and beyond so  lucky to hear it .

11720    410         2/12/01  VOIRI    Iran        444 R390\60ft dipole         Hearing female announcer in Mideast language  speaking.Have a Tabriz service listed on this frequency beamed to Afghanistan and the Moslem CIS.

5009.6   315         2/13/01  Radio Madagascar?           Madagascar?       222 R390\140 ft longwire  Hearing a announcer guessing male speaking in what almost sounds like French  and bits of songs inbeetween his comments . Very weak but  logging this as a tentative for now.

4976       335         2/13/01  Radio Uganda      Uganda  222 R390\140 ft longwire  Hearing African music  and male announcer.  Thanks to tip by Ralph Brandis in MIRC #swl

5050       349         2/13/01  Radio Tanzania   Tanzania               222 R390\140 longwire      Hearing  male do news id right before around 0350 or so.

7110       510         2/14/01  Radio Tunis          Tunisia   555 R390\140 ft longwire  Araabic language program b  male and female announers

7100       515         2/14/01  Radio Asmara?    Eritrea?  111 R390\140 longwire      Hearing very faint Eastern African singng sounds like  what Radio Fana used to play sometimes . same kind  of music and   female announcer

9475       430         2/14/01  VOR       Russia    555 R390\60 ft dipole        Hearing the South American service in English with news.

9460\\9445           440         2/14/01  VoT        Turkey   555 R390\60 ft dipole        Hearing their North American service in Turkish playing Turkish songs.

9410       445         2/14/01  BBC                       444 R390\60 ft dipole        Heard English service.

4930       430         2/18/01  Radio Costena     Honduras              444 R390\21 ft vertical      Hearing a lot of Spanish language music.  ID at 0455 followed by signoff.

6180       2315       2/19/01  R.Nacional Amazonas       Brasil      555 R390\140 ft longwire  Hearing PP program with  male and female  announcers and  going well past  listed signoff.

5010       0045?     2/19/01  AIR Chennai        India      111 R390\ 21 ft vertical     Heard Indian music very faint signal.

5055       138         2/19/01  RFO Cayenne      Guyana 444 R390\140 ft longwire  hearing French language songs .Very good signal from them tonight best I have heard them in a long time .

15140    1758       2/20/01  Radio Oman?       Oman?   222 R390\60 ft dipole        Hearing weak  signal of female talking in Arabic. Suddenly off air  at 1800

15215    1824       2/20/01  Radio Abu Dhabi                UAE       222 R390\60 ft dipole.       Hearing weak Arabic male announcer speaking. Conditions must be somewhat bad this afternoon as most are weak and  right above the noise floor.

15275    1832       2/20/01  DW         Sri Lanka relay    222 R390\60 ft dipole        Hearing a very weak  signal  .Male talking in German.ALmost below noise level.Now playing some music .

15315    1849       2/20/01  RTV Marocaine   Morocco                333 R390\60 ft dipole        Hearing Arabic singing  and a male announcer.

5009.5? 310         2/26/01  Radio Madagascar?           Madagascar?       111 R390\15 ft  vertical wire            Hearing faint signal of  singing by male and a few moments of a male announcer through the static. Very low signal...probably due to the fact that I have only 15 ft of wire tossed out a second floor window.

6180       854         4/15/01  Radio Nacional de Amazonas          Brasil      555 R390\100 ft wire         Hearing very  strong signal of male annnouncer speaking in Portuguese.Several mentions of Amazonas heard.

15340    222         5/1/01    Radio Romania Intl            Romania               444 R390\100 ft wire         Hearing English language program Male announcer with female announcer.

9725       300         5/1/01    VOR       Russia    333 R3990\100 ft wire       Hearing English language program and  has some audio problems whining noise in audio like a carrier off frequency.Apparent signoff at 0300.

6985       330         7/1/01    V.Of People of Kurdistan?                Iraq?      222 R390\20 ft wire            Hearing Arabic speaking male and some music that sounds Middle Eastern. No ID could be  heard or made out at 0400.This station was listed as being on 6995,but reports  have it moving down 10 khz.