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This is where all my logs and audio files have ended up.The short-wave hobby was beset by a few obstacles here at the old homestead for awhile,but now the dx'ing situation has been vastly improved.

The audio files at the bottom of the page are a new twist for me :) I originally was using the other computer's Windows 98 Sound-Recorder program and then converting that huge 5 megabyte audio file into MP3 but then I found out it only can do about 60 seconds of audio and sometimes that just doesn't do it for me.Especially if I have to wait for a interval signal or ID,it kind of cramps my style but it does work to some extent.

Now for the logs :)

Please note for clarification purposes the logs are in a format as follows:
Frequency,time heard(in GMT\UTC),date,station name,country of origin,signal report with radio\antenna used and finally a brief description of what was heard.


The logs below on the second spinning diskette are from when I was running WIn95/98 on the other pc.These logs date back to 1999 so may be some interesting things in there to be seen .

So here is my attempt at a logging update as it is . I found out the gnumeric program can save databases in html format so that just made it a lot easier for everyone on the internet.

Also of interest is a catch of Radio Rebelde's AM outlet in Cuba on 1180.That was heard on the RX 320 using the 23 ft vertical fed straight through to the radio.This is my first offshore MW catch ever .So I was pretty thrilled by it.

Here are my pre 2003 logs.

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Shortwave stations I have recorded

SLBC-Sri Lanka RealAudio file
Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation _SLBC -recorded off the Drake R-4A on 11905 khz.
RRI-Sorong-RealAudio file
RRI -Sorong -Indonesia-recorded from the Drake R-4A on 4874 khz. A bit scratchy but best Indonesian I heard for recording purposes.
Radio New Zealand Intl RealAudio file
RNZI recorded from the Drake R-4A on 9700 khz
Israeli Defence Forces Radio? -RealAudio file
This is what may be IDF Radio recorded from the Drake R-4A on 6442 khz USB.Tentative id on this one because I don't understand Hebrew but other SWL'ers say it is IDF Radio.
Radio France Intl RealAudio file
RFI English language service recorded from the Drake R-4A on 15155 khz.
PNG Radio East Sepik RealAudio File
This is what appears to be PNG East Sipek Radio on 3335 khz .A bit scratchy because like an idiot I was fooling with the notch filter and passband tuning trying to get a better recording off the R-4A.
PNG Port Moresby RealAudio file
Recorded 4/25/99 This is the s-8 signal from the R-4A and the 21 ft vertical.
Radio Medi Un RealAudio file
Radio Medi Un from Morocco recorded off the Drake R-4A on 9575 khz.
Spanish National Radio RealAudio file
REE Spain recorded off the Drake R-4A on 15385 khz.
Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation RealAudio file
SIBC recorded off the Drake R-4A on 5020 khzBit low signal but you can hear the music they were playing right before signoff.
Voice of Indonesia RealAudio file
VOI recorded off the Drake R-4A on 9525 khz.
Radio Liberia RealAudio file
Radio Liberia recorded off the Sangean ATS-803a on 5100 khz.
Voice Of Cambodia RealAudio File
This is the Voice of Cambodia recorded off the Drake R-4A on 11940 khz with their French language broadcast.First 40 seconds it is fairly audible then drops out some after that:)
Radio Nacional Paraguay RealAudio file
RNP recorded from the Drake R-4a on 9732.4 khz
Radio Ghana RealAudio file
Radio Ghana recorded off the Drake R-4A on 4915 khz. The other station in with it is I believe Radio Anhanguera from Brasil.Ghana is playing the music.
Radio Marti RealAudio file
WOW Radio Marti on 6030 khz heard without that atrocious bubble jammer :) Good thing I got this when I did the jamming started soon afterwards :(
Radio Denmark RealAudio File
Radio Denmark recorded from the Sangean ATS803A on 15705 khz.
Voice Of Russia African Service RealAudio file
VOR's African service program recorded from the Sangean ATS803A on 15735
27605 SSB Talkers RealAudio File
Two idiots talking about their version of Windows :)
Voice Of Armenia
This is the program in English recorded on the Drake R-4A on 11/23/99 on 9965 khz at 2135 gmt or so *S*
Possible Radio Conakry
Recorded on the R390 ,this was a station on 7125 khz broadcasting African music with a French speaking male announcer on 8/25/00.
Argentinian station .
Recorded on the R390 on 15820 LSB,this may be the Argentine station Radio Rividavia? as listed in ILG.
Radio Uganda
RX320 tuned to 4976 in LSB ,using 90 ft dipole.
Radio New Zealand International recorded on 17675 khz using R-390 and 21 ft vertical.
Spanish National Radio from Madrid recorded on 6055 khz using R-390 and 21 ft vertical
Spanish National Radio
Channel Africa recorded on 15215 khz using R-390 and 21 ft vertical
Channel Africa
Radio Jordan recorded on 11930 khz using R-390 and 60 ft antenna
Radio Jordan
Africa Numero Un from Gabon recorded on 15475 khz using R-390 and 21 ft vertical
Africa Numero Un
RTV Marocaine from Morocco recorded on 15345 khz using R-390 and 21 ft vertical
RTV Marocaine
Radio Pakistan from Pakistan recorded on 15485khz using R390 and 21 ft vertical.
Radio Pakistan
Radio Cameroon from Cameroon recorded on 4850khz using R390 and 60 ft dipole.
Radio Cameroon
Voice of Broad Masses? from Eritrea recorded on 7100 khz using R390 and 21 ft vertical.
Voice of the Broad Masses
Voice of Hope from Lebanon recorded on 6280 khz using R390 and 21 ft vertical.
Voice of Hope
Radio Altura from Peru recorded on 6479khz using R390 and 21 ft vertical
Radio Altura
Radio Paraton? from Peru recorded on 6956.5 khz using R390 and 21 ft vertical.I am not sure on this ID yet. Maybe someone can help.
Radio Paraton
Recordings made possible by using shortwave receivers made by



The radios I have used for this site are as follows.

Sangean ATS803A

.Realistic DX380

Drake R-4A

Motorola built R-390

Kenwood TS870

HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 Video Player

Don't know who the actual artist who did this is but it was sent to me by a friend.

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